Male and LGBT+ Survivors and Safe Accommodation

Full Project Title: Identifying and understanding the needs of male and LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse in safe accommodation

Principal Investigator: Dr Ben Hine, University of West London
Co-Investigators: Dr Liz Bates, University of Cumbria, Dr Sarah Wallace, University of South Wales
Research Assistant: Bernice Appiah
Funding Body: Wokingham Borough Council
Timeline: January 2022 – April 2022

Whilst knowledge is increasing around the experiences, help-seeking processes, and outcomes of male survivors who engage with specialist service provision, information is still lacking around the needs of abused men in safe accommodation (i.e., refuge). The limited research that is available suggests that male survivors have specific needs, which are currently unmet in the sector.

Similarly, information around abusive experiences in the LGBTQIA+ community is growing, their gender- and sexuality-inclusive needs around service engagement, particularly in relation to safe accommodation, are still unknown. Again, this community, similarly to men, experience significant barriers to engagement, and scholars suggest that their refuge needs are also unmet by the sector.

This project seeks to interview male and LGBT+ survivors who demonstrate a need of safe accommodation, as well as the service providers who have attempted to meet those needs, in an attempt to establish models of best practice for the provision. This will involve conducting a comprehensive literature review centred around safe accommodation needs of abused men and LGBT+ members; conducting, transcribing, analysing, and interpretating interviews with these survivors and existing service providers; and producing a report on the above identifying pathways forward.

Supporting this Project
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Direct Participation (Survivor): If you are:
a) a male and or/
b) an LGBT+ survivor of domestic violence and abuse
that has
c) accessed safe accommodation (click here for definition) in the last 5 years
d) is over 18 and lives in the UK/Ireland


Direct Participation (Organisation): If you are:
a) an organisation that supports male and/or LGBT+ survivors of domestic violence and abuse, in either a general capacity or in securing safe accommodation
and b) you are based in the UK/Ireland

then please register your interest in supporting this project and sharing your experiences with us.