About Me

Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of West London; Co-founder of the Men and Boys Coalition; Leader the Evidence-Based Domestic Abuse Research Network (EBDARN); and researcher & speaker on a variety of gendered issues.

A bit about me

After completing a BSc in Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2010, I went on to complete my PhD at the same institution between 2010 and 2013 on the gender-typing of prosocial behaviour across childhood and adolescence. I found that, when given a greater variety of prosocial actions to judge, children and adolescents actually gender-type some prosocial behaviours as masculine (i.e., providing physical assistance) and that boys may only display prosociality in a way that still allows them to maintain a masculine identity. 

Since joining the psychology department at the University of West London in 2014, I have engaged in a number of projects in the area of applied gender and forensic psychology. For example, I have explored the manifestation of gender within the criminal justice system, specifically the impact of rape myths in the progression of female and male cases through the criminal justice system. This includes two large-scale projects assessing police officers’ beliefs and judgements, and rape case reviews in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). I have also worked in collaboration with charities Safelives and The Mankind Initiative to conduct large scale case reviews to illuminate the needs of domestic violence victims. In this area I am particularly interested in exploring stereotypes around hidden victims of domestic abuse (specifically LGBTQIA+ and male victims). I now lead the Evidence-Based Domestic Abuse Research Network (EBDARN) bringing together researchers from several UK institutions to deliver this work. Other interests include exploration of representations of gender in the media (e.g., in Disney movies).  

From January 2022 I will be delivering a £50,000 research project awarded by the Woodward Charitable Trust exploring father’s experiences of Family Breakdown, Separation, and Divorce (FBSB). Working with a wide range of charities, organisations, and fathers themselves, I will seek to explore men’s experiences of the time immediately after relationship breakdown when children are involved, their experiences with institutions at this time (e.g., Family courts), and associated phenomenon (i.e., parental alienation and post separation abuse).  

I am also a co-founder of the Men and Boys coalition, a network of organisations, academics, journalists, professionals, and leaders committed to highlighting and acting on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys such as the high male suicide rate, the boy’s educational crisis, and fatherhood. I also act as a trustee to The Mankind Initiative, supporting the great work they do with male victims of domestic abuse.